Hangman Helper v2

This is best compatible with Google Chrome
** Expect mobile issues **
Welcome to the Hangman Helper v2! This version is Ephenia's version of the originial Hangman Helper created by our fellow community member Mrinja, so main credit goes to him. This version aims to be much easier to use as well as will be kept up-to-date given Hangman sees any updates, or new words are found that are added. Since Mrinja has been inactive for quite some time—I felt as though this would have been a good thing to do just to make sure that it's kept alive and in well hands. If you believe that you found a word missing that isn't listed, then please report it over to Ephenia through PalPad/PM. Same applies for bugs/issues as well.

You can also send new Hangman Words that you find directly through THIS LINK.

List of new features
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• No more pop up/alert methods being used
• Text area so it's easier to copy/paste things and have it be clear
1 simplified button 2 amazing buttons for doing everything that you need
• Formatted list that isn't cluttered and easier to read/copy results
Red to show invalidity and Blue to show validity
• Entire Word Database shows when you set nothing as a word
• Some other aethstetic changes
• Hitting the Enter Key while focused in the text field functions the same as clicking the Set Word button
• Now a button for easily pasting content from the User's clipboard
(requires User Permission as this is normally a security issue otherwise)
• Status indicators to make sure Permissions are all set for the Paste button to function

• This now is on its own dedicated site! Hooray!
• Updated the max database count to 1921 as hundreds of new words have been added
• Fixed and updated the 1 click Paste button, this should be fully functional again (fingers crossed)
• Alphabeticalized the entire database
• The database also automatically alphabeticalizes new words that are added as well
• Letter filtering is now implemented! Credit goes to -Max with the coding for this to make it function properly ❤️
• Setting a word while there are letters still in the filter will automatically clear them (this is meant to save time on having to hit the clear button upon setting a new word)
• Hitting the Clear button to clear filtered letters will now re-set the word
• Added a light and dark mode feature
• Dark mode will persist on a page refresh, but will not persist on a site revisit (this is due to not using cookies for this currently)
• Added a toggle for fetching the database and updating it and there's no page refresh required if and whenever this would happen to fetch and grab an update for you
• Implemented Temporary Database Words which allows you to temporarily add words into the database that aren't officially in the Helper database that you may find
How to use/easy strategy

Step 1. Head over to Hangman
Step 2. Start by picking all 5 vowels (A, E, I, O, and U) like so:

Step 3. Highlight and copy the Hangman word like so:

Step 4. Come back to this page and then copy and paste the word in the input box (or just hit the "Paste" button), and then press the Enter Key or hit "Set Word".
Step 5. If done correctly, then you should see a list of possible words generated, then from there the rest is easy. Pick the consonants that re-occur the most out of all the possible words (if any).

The vowel method works majority of the time, and you won't find yourself losing very easily.

Auto Fetch Database

Checking this will automatically fetch the database every 5 seconds and make it auto update.
# of fetches: 0

Extra filtering

Type wrong letters here that you've guessed so far to easier help you narrow down the list of possible results that your word could be!

Both Permisions MUST be green for the Paste button to function properly!!!

Light & Dark Mode

Temporary Database Words

Here you can add words that you find temporarily into the database. That's if they currently aren't updated to be in the database here, and I haven't pushed an update out for them yet.

Note: It's best not to have Auto Fetch Database enabled while using this!

Current User Set Words